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Current Events

5/2/2019 – CR-222 (Trimble area) – Repairing disjointed cross drain through 5/7/2019.

7/18/2017 – Duck River Underpass

A joint effort between Cullman County and the City of Cullman Utility Board. This was done in an effort to keep pedestrian and bicycle traffic off of County Road 1669. This will provide a safe travelway under the bridge for those who are utilizing the trails at Duck River.

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5/26/2016 –

The Cullman County Road Department is in the midst of its paving season. We are paving 30 miles of roadway with county funding. This will include asphalt, tar and gravel, and microsurfacing. There cost projections are $998,874.60 for 15.4 miles on the east side of the county and $975,367.60 for 14.6 miles on the west side of the county. The projected total is $1,974,242.20 for the 30 miles to be completed across the county. Paving is expensive!

Please pardon our progress as we work to improve our roads and community.

4/15/2015– Representative Mac McCutcheon Gives Updates On Transportation Bils
Separating Fact from Fiction on HB394 and SB180

2/2/2016 – One Man Patcher The Cullman County Road Department purchased a one-man pothole patcher to take the place of a two man patching operation. This unit will reduce costs while improving safety and productivity.

The unit was in action this morning on County Road 447 in District 2. See photos below.

One Man Patcher (JPEG 176KB)
One Man Patcher Inside (JPEG 194KB)

10/22/2015 – Road & Bridge Program Has Huge Impacts in Cullman County
County Still Faces Uphill Battle in Meeting Infrastructure Needs

Cullman, Ala. – Cullman County officials are urging citizens to look at the Alabama Transportation and Rehabilitation Investment Program (ATRIP) as an example of how local road and bridge investments can benefit the entire state.

ATRIP was introduced in 2012 as an infrastructure initiative aimed at investing over $1 billion into Alabama’s local roads and bridges. As a result of ATRIP’s investment plan, many counties will complete 15 to 20 years of road and bridge projects in a three to four year period.

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Cullman County ATRIP Presentation

8/10/2015 – Scrub seal acts as a mass crack sealer. It is topper with small aggregate to provide a wearing surface. This is the first stage of the process we’re performing on CR 437 and CR 1718.

Scrub Seal Image 1
Scrub Seal Image 2

In a couple weeks we will come back over the scrub seal with the microsurfacing, which will be the final wearing surface.

8/10/2015 – Cullman Co Rd 483 will be closed to thru traffic for bridge construction beginning today. The bridge replacement is expected to take 1 to 2 months.

6/3/2015 – Below is a picture of Good Hope Contracting resurfacing County Road 565. This project is one of the ATRIP projects awarded to Cullman County for federal aid eligible roadways.

CR-565 Paving (602KB)

Next is a picture of Cullman County forces placing base material on County Road 565 in preparation for chip-seal paving.

CR-565 Basing (651KB)

5/7/2015 – The Road Department is widening the road on County Road 1223 prior to resurfacing. This is one of the seven ATRIP projects anticipated to be complete this paving season.

CR-1223 Widening Image (256KB)

4/30/2015 – Bridge girders are being set on the bridge on County Road 1855. The remaining beams should be set today.

CR-1855 Bridge Girders Image (411KB)

3/12/2015 – The Road Department is replacing an old bridge on County Road 1855 with County forces. One abutment is finished and the second is about to begin. Completion on this bridge is expected in May.

CR-1855 Bridge Work Image (412KB)

8/26/2014 – The Cullman County Road Department is finishing up its 2014 paving season today. County Road 1650 is the last road in the County being completed. Also, pursuant to the CDBG grant awarded to the County, asphalt resurfacing is beginning on County Road 38 today.

6/18/2014 – The Cullman County Road Department is paving roads in District 1 today. County Roads 818 and 803 will be paved today followed by County Roads 1036, 1087, and 1135 tomorrow. The Cullman County Road Department will continue to prepare roads for paving in District 3 and District 4 and they will be paved shortly.

5/21/2014 – The road department is continuing its effort to finish the roadbed stabilization in Districts 1 and 3. Paving operations are set to begin within 1-3 weeks based upon the availability of Charles E. Watts, Inc., who will be handling the work. Outsourcing the paving operation is a change from the past few years in an effort to stay on top of road maintenance by freeing up our in house crews. Watts is recognized statewide for their efficiency and proficiency in the construction of roadway surface treatments.

5/1/2014 - The Cullman County Road Department is hauling storm debris fro the Right of Way in areas affected by the storm. They are also continuing to roadbed process roads in District 3 in preparation for paving season.

The Cullman County Road Department has finished basing County Road 27 this week, and is beginning the basing on County Road 1518. Base work for County Road 1518 is being done in preparation for the resurfacing projects on County Road 38 and 1518. These Roads were chosen by ADECA and were funded as a part of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Final base preparation is being done in District 1 to make the roads ready for the paving season beginning in mid-May, weather permitting.

3/26/2014 - This week the Cullman County Road Department will be finishing the base on County Road 226. Also, roadbed processing is ongoing in District 1 on County Road 1135 and Crossdrains are being replaced on County Road 1223 in preparation for the ATRIP resurfacing project.

Crossdrain replacement on County Roads 38, 1435, and 8 have been completed with more in District 4 to come.

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